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The latest Dota 2 updates are called by many as controversial, to say the least. Until a certain point, the project’s popularity has grown steadily, but the game has experienced specific difficulties over the past few years. The fact is that the new updates directly touched the cornerstones of the mechanics well-known to many. Old school players unanimously agree that practically nothing is left of the Dota 2 they once started playing.

Good or bad is no less controversial question. Each project needs development since development is the only salvation from destructive and inexorable stagnation. However, the course of action taken by the Dota 2 developers looks at least ambiguous.

The latest updates have touched the interface and fundamental mechanics. The introduction of the talent tree has become a thorough overhaul of the heroes that are well known to many.

Plus, every major patch continues to rework the global map over and over again. Sometimes shrines appear in different corners of it. Then the developers shock old-school fans with their new delightful outposts. They fundamentally recycle the components and cost of in-game items, unceremoniously breaking the timings worked out by years of exhausting training.

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Esports competitions are increasingly beginning to resemble randomness, in which the winner is not the one who plays the best but the one who quickly figured out the mechanics of the patch. At some point, a player who has been managing a jungle hero all his life realizes that he simply cannot continue to farm the forest. And even if he can, he will simply be inferior in development speed to all other characters.

This approach is expectedly disliked by many. Statistics record a massive outflow of players from the project. Many inveterate fans in the past go to competing projects, the main of which is undoubtedly League of Legends from Riot. Others, realizing the abyss of wasted time and disillusioned with multiplayer action movies, abandon the genre in principle.

The new updates, however, have a lot of supporters. They believe that each new update makes gameplay more interesting, adds variety, and improves balance. Despite the problems described above, the popularity of Dota 2 is still unprecedented. Where popularity always comes and money. It’s all about Dota2bets.

Dota 2 Betting on Real Money

When it comes to Dota 2 bets, first of all, it is worth mentioning the existence of two main areas. The first and prevalent trend is skin betting. The essence of skin betting is that players use skins and items from their Steam inventory to depositing for a bet. Skin betting has its disadvantages and advantages, but today this article is not about it.

If we talk about real money bets, then, unlike skin betting, they are supported by almost all bookmakers. Each user has the right to choose any payment system that is most pleasant to him. Modern bookmakers are highly variable – a player can use almost everything as a deposit method, from cryptocurrency wallets to PayPal.

Paypal Betting


  • PayPal is a reliable and trouble-free system used by millions of users around the world. While engaging in Dota 2 betting PayPal, the user does not risk anything, always knowing that his savings are safe.
  • Dota 2 and CSGO betting PayPal is a pervasive and popular trend. Almost every modern bookmaker has PayPal in its range of payment systems.
  • PayPal has low fees and high reliability of transfers.
  • PayPal is an international payment system, access to which remains with the user in almost all corners of the world.


  • Unlike skin betting or the use of cryptocurrencies, any PayPal transaction can be traced from start to finish.
  • For all its advantages, PayPal is not an impressively fast payment system – some transactions can be frozen for hours or days for verification; others just take a long time to process by modern standards.
  • The multi-step registration with PayPal can seem daunting and tedious. Moreover, the service often rejects applications or requires a mountain of documents if it does not suit something.

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